Pray for children

Will you pray for God's little children?

Thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven

This blog invites you to pray for the protection of children and young people. Will you pray for God's little children, from the unborn baby in the womb, the new born baby, little children of all ages and young people.  It could be your child you want to pray for or just any child.  You can pray before the Blessed Sacrament for one hour a week or before a tabernacle in your church.  If you are not able to make it to a church you can pray in your own home. Please join us as we pray.

This blog was set up under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit and Jesus Christ and our Blessed Lady are its patrons.

They may look but not perceive, listen but not understand.

This month of February we will be praying for children, young people and their families who have been affected by the evil of drugs. Our world is rapidly changing and with each change comes more dangers.  Drugs and addictions are vastly becoming a major scourge in our society. Let us pray for all who have been affected, that they may find a way back to the light of Christ.  

Money is the root of all evil

In an ever-changing world, one might ask what is its driving force? A very good answer might be, money. As a young person growing up, I constantly heard my mother say that money was the root of all evil. I heard what she said but it never really sunk in until I was much older. The desire for riches and the ‘quick-fix’ felt by some children and young persons, leads them to fall into the hands of the ‘wrong people’. This month, specifically, we are praying for young people and their families who are affected by the scourge of illegal drugs, their trafficking and use.

Drug pushing, use and addiction are awful evils in society. Lives, families and souls are destroyed by them. Only last week, all of us in Drogheda saw the true evil that crime and drug abuse causes. A young man lost his life in the most gruesome way anyone could have imagined. There are no words to describe what his family are suffering.

That five-letter word, "Money" was wholly or partly to blame. His parish priest pulled no punches at the young man’s funeral when he said: “…I hope that his death will be a warning to other young teenagers who are being groomed by the ruthless criminals, that the promise of money and gifts will inevitably end in tragedy.” Indeed, in society as a whole, everything has been cheapened; even life itself. As a mother my heart goes out to all mothers who have to suffer because a child of theirs has got caught up in addiction of some kind or another. You wonder what will come through your door next. Your fears heighten at the thoughts of recent events: ‘Will I be burying my child in the near future?’ This is no life for a parent, not to mention the horrors that the young person himself or herself has to endure. What has gone wrong in society?

When I first became a mother at the tender age of 22, I wondered how I was going to rear this beautiful child, given to me by God. When I bought a washing machine, a new TV or any household item, I was given an instruction manual with it. Where was the book of directions for my new bundle of joy?

There is the most amazing manual given to us by God on how we should live and not live. It’s very in-depth and needs constant referring to. What is this manual and where do I get a copy? Well as life has taught me, it is of course the Holy Bible and it can be purchased in most good book shops. Growing up as a young person the Bible was something you used in school or in church and that was that. It was only in my married life that I came to take it up, read and find great instruction and comfort in it. Our Christian faith teaches us all we need to know and do, to live good lives.

Another saying I have heard over the years is "you cannot put an old head on young shoulders." This is true in a lot of cases. Robbie Williams may have picked up on something that George Bernard Shaw once said about youth being wasted on the young, but this does not have to be the case. God who made us, loved us into being and wants only what is good and right for us. He gives us all we need in life through the family we live with and the people in our communities.

Wisdom is a gift that God gives us, especially when we ask for it in prayer. The book of Proverbs speaks about choosing wisdom (Proverbs 4:1-27). It tells us that the path of the upright is like the light of dawn, its brightness growing to the fullness of day; the way of the wicked is as dark as night, they cannot tell the obstacles they stumble over. I had often thought as they were growing up, that I didn’t have enough wisdom to instruct my children correctly. As I grew older, though, my children would turn to me and ask for some sound advice on different issues; and I could feel wisdom pop up its wise, old head.

Our dignity as human beings is found in God alone (Ps. 8:4-6), not in money or possessions. We tend to be easily led and tempted, often towards the things that bring us down and are not good for us. Jesus Christ, as a young man while here on earth was also tempted, but he overcame his temptations by entrusting himself to His Father in heaven through prayer, (Lk4: 1-14). Jesus shows us how to overcome temptations and desires. Indeed, in the Lord's prayer, "The Our Father" (Mt. 6: 9-13), there is a line where we ask God to help us not to be led into temptation. Jesus Christ lived on earth as a human being, but his nature was also Divine. He knew the struggles and temptations we would have to endure here on earth and he gave us all ways to overcome them. (Mt. 5: 29). As baptised Christians, we have the Spirit of God with us and in us, 1Jn. 4:13. What greater power can one have than this?

If only we would listen to God's voice and not harden our hearts with evil and sinful ways, how much better life would be for us all! We came into this world with nothing and we will leave it with nothing except for the good we do while alive. People who long to be rich, are prey to trial. They get trapped by all kinds of foolish and harmful ambitions, which plunge them into ruin and destruction. The love of money is the root of all evil and there are some who, pursuing it, have wandered away from the faith and so have given their souls any number of fatal wounds – (1 Timothy 6: 8-10). Life does not have to be like this as change back to the right path is always possible; and love can conquer all. In the great parable of The Prodigal Son, the father waited for many years with love in his heart and open arms for wandering son to come to his senses and return home by the right road. He did not close the door on him. No, his was always open, waiting, hoping and praying for his child’s safe return. This is the example that all parents must follow. Children on the other hand have been asked by God to be obedient to their parents and when they follow this path, life will flow much smoother.

Yes, there are many temptations, challenges and trials in our world and there is much evil too but what we must remember is that there is always hope: Nothing is impossible to God. Pray often, asking for God's help; and when lost as to what to do next, take out that wonderful instruction manual on life, and search for the answer.

Why not get your child to pick a new years resolution. Here is a selection of child friendly pictures to browse through with your child/children. Why not help each other to do something good for the new year.
When we read the Word.
Meditate on the Word.
Pray with the Word.

Its the year of the Word. Why not read a small passage of Sacred Scripture each day and let God speak to your heart.
Here is a light explanation of the Mass. Why not read it with your child/children it is important that we all understand what happens at this holy sacrifice.

Hour of prayer for peace in Drogheda

In light of all the recent feuds in Drogheda and the violent death of a young boy, there will be an hour of prayer in Holy Family Church, Ballsgrove, Drogheda tomorrow from 3pm to 4pm.  Every one is welcome.  Please come and pray.

As long as we love one another God's love will be complete in us

A new year, and more new year resolutions.  Perhaps this year you might like to pray for children if you are not already doing so.  Children are the future of the world but more important, children are close to the heart of God. As the new year begins we will continue to pray for the protection of children and young people.  There are so many dangers in our world that can harm them.  Prayer is one way of helping them.  It may not seem much but prayer said with faith has God's power behind it.  Praying for one another is a form of loving one another along with other practical ways of helping;  giving to the poor, helping the sick, the lonely, the lost etc... This month let us offer our prayers for all young people and children around the world that they will be safe from all evil, violence and war.

In the beginning was the Word: and the Word was with God and the Word was God.

It's the last day of another busy year.  It is a time to thank God for all the many graces and blessings we have received from Him.  Whether or not life has been good or not so good this past year, it has all been sustained by God himself.  He has walked with us every step of the way and has never left our sides.  Today let us pray for one another as the old year passes and a new one just begins.  Let us remember that none of this could be possible without the love of our God. Let us bless God in all things and give him our thanks and praise.

Have a blessed, holy and God filled new year where ever you are, and please remember all God's little one's in your prayers.

"I Called My Son Out Of Egypt"

Today is the day were we celebrate family life.  We give thanks to God for our families.  We thank Him for the good times and the not so good times but most of all, we should thank God for being at our sides helping us in each and every situation. 

Families are never simple or straight forward because families are made up of human beings and there is nothing straight forward in humans. God gave us the model family when he sent his Son, Jesus Christ into the world to be born of human parents.  Family life for Jesus was no different to other families in so far as it too had difficulties.  In today's Gospel, we read about some of the difficulties Jesus and his family encountered in their early years as a family.     (Mt. 2:13-15. 19-23).  The one thing that really struck me was the trust, the faith and the belief Saint Joseph had in the Holy Spirit.  St. Joseph relied on every word, and every prompting, even to dreams from the Holy Spirit.  This same Holy Spirit who prompted Saint Joseph is here today trying to prompt and instruct all families of today and down through the years.  How many of us recognise these little promptings, how many families can hear the whisperings of the Holy Spirit?  It is through prayer and silence that we learn to recognise the voice of God speaking to us through His Holy Spirit. Today let us pray for all families that they will learn to be open to the Holy Spirit and will listen to His promptings and follow His good direction as St. Joseph did; after all the direction of God is far superior to the direction of man. Amen.


A prayer to Mary

Dear Mary, mother of the baby Jesus,

I want to thank you for your little newborn son.
I see him in a manger in a stable full of straw
And I wonder what it must be like, no bed, no blankets
And no soft pillows.

He lies so still and quiet not a single sound around
Except for cattle lowing and the depts of winter blowing.
You sit and gaze upon him with wonder and amazement,
For t'is no ordinary child who lies there but
A God and King, made man.

Please tell Him that I love Him and I am trying to be good.
I want to get to know Him Like I really really should.
I will whisper to him every day
And tell him all my news.
I would even like to try and walk in his holy little shoes.

My dearest mother Mary, what else can I say
Except a great big hug and thank you
For this precious gift from God in Heaven
To a child on earth below.

Hail Mary, full of Grace, the Lord is with you.

Elizabeth greets Mary


A is for Advent, a time of waiting of prayer and of preparation.

D is for the Divine Child we await on Christmas Day

V is for Virgin Mary, who carries the Divine Child

E is for an end to hopelessness

N is for the New Born Child

T is for a time where God is made man.

As we start to focus on ADVENT, let us take some time to prepare well for this Holy and wonderful season. In the month of December we will be praying for children who are not yet born, all those who lie quietly in their mother's wombs just as the baby Jesus once did. We pray also for all the little babies that will be born this month.

New life brings new beginnings and what better way to help new life whether in the womb or just born than by our support through prayer. Prayer when prayed with faith has the power to move mountains. So as we begin our prayer this December let us surround all this new life with our humble prayers of love and protection.

Advent is a time of waiting patiently, for that one child to be born, the Christ child. It is a time of waiting quietly in prayer and preparation for this wonderful event with our Blessed Lady. Each day we pray with Mary for all the unborn babies in their mother;s wombs that God will protect them and their Mother's who carry them.

During this time we await the Divine Child who is God made man. God who humbled himself and came to earth as a little baby. God who is Divine, and now becomes man. He took on our nature so that we could take on His.

We wait with the Virgin Mary, a simple young woman who was chosen by God to be the bearer of the Christ child. Had it not been for Mary's yes to God as seen in Chapter one of St. Luke's Gospel we would never have come to know the true meaning of Christmas and the hope that it brought to all. We thank God for Mary and her great fiat.

Because of Mary's "Yes" to God, our lives have been transformed. The child in Mary's womb is the hope for all mankind. This baby is the end to hopelessness. This unborn child was the one who would be our salvation and would put an end to the hopelessness of death.

A New born child brings life to families and joy to hearts and we thank God for all the beauty he gives in each new life. The greatest new life that God has given to us is His only Son, Jesus Christ. God sent His only Son to us so that we may have life and have it to the full, by being continually with Him in Heaven after our earthly lives.

So this month let us not waste these precious days, let us prepare well as we wait with Mary, our Blessed Mother in Heaven for that special Time, known to us as Christmas Day. That blessed day where God becomes  man and lives among us and makes it possible for us to be able to have communion with our Father in Heaven.

Advent Prayer

With you I am awaiting the birth of your dear Son
With you I am praying that God's will may be done.

With you my soul it rests in peace and ponders on
The things to come, found only in your Blessed Son.

With you Sweet Mother my yearning grows
to see the face of God, made man.

In silence and in peace we pray,
joyfully waiting for that day.

Death is swallowed up in victory

November is always the month where we pray for and remember our loved one's who have died.  This month let us keep in our prayers and thoughts all children and young people who are no longer with us but who have gone to their eternal resting place. We also remember the parents, relatives and friends of children and young people who have died.  We deeply miss our loved one's who are not longer with us in the flesh, but are forever in our hearts.  This month let us remember the parents who have lost a child/children.  Let us pray that God will give them the strength to pick up again and live in the hope of resurrection. 

When you are walking down the street

And you've got me on your mind

I'm walking in your footsteps

Only half a step behind. 

And when you face the gentle breeze

Or the wind upon your face,

That's me giving you a great big hug

Or just a soft embrace.

So please don't be unhappy,

Just because I'm out of sight,

Remember that I'm with you,

Every morning, noon and night.


Rejoice Renew Return

Come and See

St. Mary's Parish, James's St., Drogheda and Holy Family Parish, Ballsgrove, Drogheda are hosting a parish mission from 19th -27th October 2019.  EVERYONE IS WELCOME

People are invited to Rejoice in their faith, Renew their baptismal commitment and to Return to receive God's mercy and healing. During this special time, we are called to draw ever closer to Jesus our Lord, and to be strengthened in the bonds of love for one another.

The Ceili team, a Community of priests, religious and lay people who are drawn together by God to evangelise, will lead us all in prayer during the mission.  Please do come and see.  There is a packed programme in both parishes and wonderful music also.  Many local singers and choirs will be providing the music each day and it promises to be a wonderful celebration of faith, hope and love.

Mass will be available each weekday morning in St. Mary's at 7.45 am, then 10.00 am in Holy Family Parish.  There will be evening prayer service in each parish at 8.00 pm. There is a pop up shop in South Gate Shopping Centre if you wish to drop in a petition or have someone pray with you or just for a chat.  There will be Eucharistic Holy hours during the week and also a chance to have a private chat and healing prayers offered for you in the afternoon between 3 and 5 pm.  A time table of all the events is available at the back of both churches.

If you are free, do come and see, God awaits your visit.


Lord, you have been our refuge from age to age

This month of October, we are praying for all sick children and young people around the world.  So many children suffer quietly as they carry the heavy cross of illness.  We  remember them all in our prayers.  We ask God to be with them and to give them the strength to cope with the sickness that affects them.  Living daily with pain and suffering is not an easy task and yet so many children and young people take up their cross and carry it daily with great patience and love.

Dear Lord, be with  all sick and suffering children/young people this day and each day of their lives, grant them healing, patience and understanding.

Apply your heart to instruction and your ear to words of knowledge.

This September we remember in our prayers children and young people who either begin or continue in their education. We pray for little children starting school for the first time, for those returning after the summer vacation, for young people beginning third level education and for those already there who are returning. We also pray for children who do not receive the gift of education.

Starting school for the first time can be daunting for the little child and indeed tearful for the parents. We ask God to bless and protect all the little children who will begin school this September. May it be a time of happiness and growth for them.

Returning to School can be a delight for some children and young people but for others there can be elements of fear, from peers and even teachers. We pray that children and young people will not have to deal with being bullied at school.

Starting college for young people can be a great adventure. There are so many new challenges but also many temptations. College days for some are an education in the vices in life and not necessarily for their good. We pray that those starting college will be given the grace to conduct themselves in a manner pleasing to God and not follow the ways of the world. May they learn new subjects and grow and develop into wonderful young adults.

We pray for all parents, as they prepare to send their children to school. Parents make many sacrifices for their children. Education is expensive and most parents do without so that their children may receive an education. There is also the emotional detachment of having to let your little children leave home to face the big world where anything can happen. May God strengthen all parents as they provide for their family.

We pray for teachers, and college lecturers, may they treat each person they encounter with the respect, dignity and love they deserve. May God grant them the strength and patience to do so.

My Spirit Rejoices in God my Saviour

Today is the Feast of The Assumption of Our Blessed Lady into Heaven.  It is a wonderful feast.  Mary was given to us by Jesus Christ, her son at the foot of the Cross as our Spiritual Mother. She was assumed into Heaven.  She was the perfect human, free from original sin. Today we honour Our Blessed Lady and Mother.  Like Mary, may we too glorify the Lord with all our hearts, all our minds, all our souls and all our bodies.  May we also rejoice in God our Saviour because He truly has done great things for us and His name is indeed Holy. Oh Mary conceived without sin, pray for us on this your feast day.

Yahweh my God, I take refuge in you.

It is with a heavy heart that I ask all who read this blog to pray.  The past week and a half have brought some very sad news reports.  Four young people have died through tragic circumstances. 

The death of a child for any parent is said to be one of the worst pains.  My own mother burried my sister who had been ill most of her life and who died at a young age.  My dear mam's heart was broken and it took her a long time just to come to terms with her death.  In the past while, I have known friends who have also burried children and their pain was indeed mighty. 

We remember

Nora Quoirin R.I.P.   aged 15

Mickey Leddy R.I.P.    aged 15

Jessica Moore R.I.P.  aged 19

Avery Greene R.I.P.   aged  3

May they rest in the peace.

We also keep their parents, families and friends in our prayers as they struggle with the pain and loss that death brings.  May our Blessed Lady and her Son Jesus Christ, be a source of strength and comfort for them. Amen.