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Will you pray for God's little children?

Thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven

This blog invites you to pray for the protection of children and young people. Will you pray for God's little children, from the unborn baby in the womb, the new born baby, little children of all ages and young people.  It could be your child you want to pray for or just any child.  You can pray before the Blessed Sacrament for one hour a week or before a tabernacle in your church.  If you are not able to make it to a church you can pray in your own home. Please join us as we pray.

This blog was set up under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit and Jesus Christ and our Blessed Lady are its patrons.

Let God bless us; let his face shine upon us.

Local village school, where children will return to at the start of next week.

Our prayer intention this month is for children and young people who are beginning school or college and also for those who will once again return after a long hot summer.

View from Espana

The children will not return to school in Spain until next week. This means that the community swimming pool will remain open in our village until Sunday the 9th September this year, which is a great benefit for those who like to swim, as it is a lovely, long and wide pool, which is always full of warm water. In the evening, entire families congregate about the facility, where they play in the water and talk along the sides, and just simply enjoy themselves.

In Ireland at this time of the year, we always seem to get a pet week or two, when our ‘unfortunate’ children are resuming their scholarly aspirations. I’m not sure if they pay so much attention to the good weather, being consumed with feelings of having to knuckle down to hard graft, donning uniforms and being forced like messengers to ferry reminders to parents for school fees. All this after a glorious Summer. Here in Spain, September temperatures hit 30 degrees plus, fairly early in the day. In addition, you could slice through the humidity with a fairly sharp knife. Picture the ninôs,and estudiantes then, as they slip into school at about eight in the morning, preparing to slowly melt under the glare of teachers and the searing sun outside, and not always in air-conditioned classrooms. We don’t know how, but they do manage to ‘play’ outside, during breaks. Well, of course you say, they have been brought up, quite used to it. Perhaps! But the older Spanish people hide behind thick-walled houses, pull down the shutters and put up the security grills during the day, against the relentless attack from El Sol.

We live here, about twenty minutes drive from the nearest beach. Quite literally, when we are finding it hard to breathe out of doors, we take ourselves to our local resort, and spend some time under an umbrella, taking in the refreshing sea breeze, reading, relaxing and occasionally walking, along with hundreds, sometimes thousands of others. In the late afternoon, though, the Spanish families desert the beach in droves, for lunches and siestas; and that is the best time for us extranjeros to find a spot near to the breaking waves. The familias return later, children, parents and grand-parents. They will stay until dark on these balmy evenings, returning home to very late, long evening meals, all the time conversing, playing and generally enjoying each other’s company.

When we moved to our present casa, the depression that had hit Ireland’s economy, had also struck Spain a massive blow. Many of the properties in our small community were left vacant for years. Some of the local children, mostly teenagers, took advantage and ‘hung-out’ on our neighbours’ doorsteps and terraces. At times, they did more than hang out. Later, when people moved back in, and hideouts became scarce, a small but significant number availed of the benches in the small public park in front of the houses, to pursue nefarious deeds, especially at night. This year though, that particular activity was very much absent. Perhaps a word in the right ear had the desired effect. There again, the elder senoras in the village might have increased their evening patrols. We have seen them many times, these distinguished stateswomen, walking four to five abreast – one with a zimmerframe – completing five or six circuits of our little public park, or indeed any other area which might have needed the benefit of a community patrol.

There isn’t much anyone can do about the dawn concerts, though. During August anyway, these usually start after mid-night, and the organisers declare in writing on the notice-board outside the town hall that they will end, only when the sun comes up! DJs provide some of the music but occasionally there are ‘live’ performances, and you probably haven’t experienced Spain until you hear an old T-Rex classic, belted out from a larynx like a lawn-mower, at five in the morning.

Sunday gone, not too long after the music had ended, we attended mass in our local village. There were about forty of us in the small congregation, but not one child, or teenager was present. There are young people here, and in the next small town. Usually, you will see them, as in Ireland, during times of ceremonies for Baptism, Communion and Confirmation. But they are particularly in evidence when the localities hold their many fiestas, during Easter and Christmas and patron Saint days. Then, young girls will be dressed like queens, in flowing dresses, white shawls and head-dresses. Sometimes, the boys or young men will accompany them, in their Spanish-styled suits, slicked-back hair and white shirts. Either the girls by themselves, or paired with their young escorts, are representing their communities on these occasions. And if appearances are anything to go by, these are very proud communities, and they take these pageants very seriously.

This is just a flavour of a child or a young person’s life in Spain. The weather, the way of life, even the fiestas don’t end when the chalk screeches across the blackboards. Somewhere in there, the Catholic faith, the Church still has a role, an important role to play, and not just for the older Spanish people. But it may well be argued that it has had to become a part of the community, to remain relevant? No longer can it be seen as the driving-force. In Spain the Ayuntamiento or local council/town hall, along with the Cofradias, are very much in authority. For now, they all work quite well together, but ominous signs of parents and children being selective of the church’s services are evident too.

The important thing to remember is that Spain still values and cares for its children and extended families. You will be brought to a halt in our little village, always by a local policeman, at school closing time, while the children stream across the road, to get to the other side. And in the evening, on your way to Mass perhaps, you will be diverted up different streets or calles, to facilitate large family-gatherings, too big for anything other than the entire road to accommodate them. Schools and colleges will start back again next week; but Spanish family life will go on.

We pray for children and young people who will begin school or college for the first time, may it be a safe and happy time for them.

We pray for parents as they let their little one's go from home for the first time, may God give them peace in their hearts at this new time.

We pray for students beginning and returning to college, may they not fall into the temptations that college life often puts before them.

We pray for teachers and lecturers, may God guide and direct them as they impart their knowledge to students.

The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary





Today we celebrate our Blessed Lady's Assumption into heaven.  Mary was taken up into Heaven and is with God the Trinity interceding on our behalf.  Our heavenly Mother, Mary, is with us today and every day.  When we are in need of help or indeed love, just turn to Mary, our spiritual mother she is the Mother of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour.  Mother's usually know what is best for their children and Mary is no different.  Today we give thanks to God for this beautiful person who is our Spiritual Mother. We ask Mary to be with us this day, to walk with us and to guide us every step of our day. 

God bless

The Holy Family of Jesus, Mary And Joseph

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So far we have added a few useful links to help one pray. If you like to pray novena's the site Praymorenovenas is starting a novena tomorrow Wednesday 30th August for Marriage & families. Why not join us and pray for your family.  If you want to develop your own personal prayer the Divine Office site takes you through the prayers of the day. Here you pray using scripture and psalms.

If you would like your child to pray through Eucharistic Adoration, then read more at Children of the Eucharist.

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Children of the Eucharist

On Sunday 30th April 2017, I travelled with a bus from Drogheda to Knock. It was for the annual meeting of people who spend time with Jesus each week in Eucharistic Adoration. While we were there we heard several talks.  One was from a lady called Antoinette Moynihan who lives in Kentstown. Antoinette has set up a group called Children of the Eucharist.  She goes to schools and speaks to children. She introduces them to Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament so that they will prepare properly to receive the Sacraments. Eucharistic Adoration for children has spread to Scotland, England, America and Australia. Last year had rapid growth. She gave us some examples of what children have said about Eucharistic Adoration.

"Every heart is a Sacred Heart."

"I miss adoration." (From a 5th class student who was missing for a few months).

"Jesus showed me the door to Heaven."

"Jesus told me not to lie anymore and that he would help me."

"Love everyone, even children who do bad things."

If you wish to find out more or want your child to be part of children of the Eucharist go to www.childrenoftheeucharist