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Will you pray for God's little children?

Thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven

This blog invites you to pray for the protection of children and young people. Will you pray for God's little children, from the unborn baby in the womb, the new born baby, little children of all ages and young people.  It could be your child you want to pray for or just any child.  You can pray before the Blessed Sacrament for one hour a week or before a tabernacle in your church.  If you are not able to make it to a church you can pray in your own home. Please join us as we pray.

This blog was set up under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit and Jesus Christ and our Blessed Lady are its patrons.

The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary





Today we celebrate our Blessed Lady's Assumption into heaven.  Mary was taken up into Heaven and is with God the Trinity interceding on our behalf.  Our heavenly Mother, Mary, is with us today and every day.  When we are in need of help or indeed love, just turn to Mary, our spiritual mother she is the Mother of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour.  Mother's usually know what is best for their children and Mary is no different.  Today we give thanks to God for this beautiful person who is our Spiritual Mother. We ask Mary to be with us this day, to walk with us and to guide us every step of our day. 

Our love for each other mirrors God the Father's love.

Our prayer intention this month is for Families; that they will live in the peace, love and joy, given to us by God.

This August is a special month for children and for families here in Ireland. It is Ireland's time to celebrate the Year Of The Family and Pope Francis will attend the closing Mass in the Phoenix Park in Dublin on Sunday 26th.

On the 21st August there will be an evening of prayer in each of the Deaneries throughout the country, to launch the event. Our Parish of St. Mary's, Drogheda will be the host for this area. People from all the neighbouring Parishes will come together in prayer as one big famly in Christ.

It is an exciting time, as it will mark the opening week for the Year of the Family events in Dublin. As a member of the local Parish Choir, I have been busy each Monday night for the past few weeks learning the new hymn, "A Joy For All The Earth" composed by Ephrem Feeley, especially for the World Meeting of Families 2018.

When I first heard the hymn, I was not that impressed. With each practice however, and while listening to it over and over again on my MP3 player, I could see the real meaning and beauty in this wonderful composition. Each time I sang the words, they took on a certain profundity for me.

The notes were a challenge to all of us in the choir as each verse was composed slightly differently to the previous one. However, it was the words, the powerful words that kept drawing me in to the meaning of the hymn, which is about love and the joy it brings to all the earth, God's earth. After a little research, I discovered that the words are taken from St. Paul's Gospel and Pope Francis's Exhortation Amoris Laetitia,on love in the family.

The opening two lines and the first verse are taken from St. Paul's letter to the Corinthians.

Love bears all things, endures all things,

Love longs for all things good, love never ends.


Love is patient, and love is kind.
Love is not resentful; it is not rude.
Love is not arrogant, nor boastful, nor jealous,
But love rejoices, rejoices in the truth.

Just imagine hearing these words over and over again in your head and the impact that they have. As my mam would have said in the past: "If you throw enough muck, some of it will stick." Well, these words were the 'muck' that was being 'thrown' at me and if not sticking exactly, were certainly challenging my own behaviour in relation to love. I found I was constantly asking myself if I was bearing and enduring all things, and if I was longing for all that was good and never ending? Am I patient and kind, am I resentful or rude, arrogant, boastful or jealous, do I rejoice in the truth?

As the refrain was sung I was reaffirmed in the knowledge that there is a joy in love and its a joy for all God's family. It transcends time and space, mirrors God the Father's love and is a joy for all the earth. The line about love transcending time and space really struck me because when a loved one dies, your love for them and their love for you does not die with them; it really does transcend time and space, just as God's love does also.

There is an old saying that wisdom comes with age and the older I get the more clearly I see. And, the more I sing this hymn, the more I am reminded that our love for each other is supposed to mirror God the Father's love. Being a parent to five wonderful, unique children with all their different ways and thinking, I have certainly been challenged in the art of love. My love has had to take a bold step into unconditional love. I have learned the meaning of mirroring God the father's love. No matter what I do or how many wrong turns I make, God shows me His mercy and love when I turn back to Him and acknowledge my mistakes in an act of sorrow. So, too,I must also behave as a loving mother to my children in this manner. As adults,they make their choices whether right or wrong, but I must give them the freedom to learn and grow; and I must love them in a non-judgemental way, with the unconditional love that God has shown and given to me.

The second verse spoke about God's family as being a place where all find their home. All can find salvation here and troubled souls find peace. God's family is full of tenderness, compassion and justice. God reaches down to us and touches us, His family, with grace. As I listened to and practiced singing this verse, I was a bit puzzeled; I had not found God's family to be like this. I had found human nature getting in the way - arguments, rows and power struggles were all too obvious, but I was omitting to connect the words of the first verse with the words of the second. In order to overcome the failings of our weak human nature I needed the patience and love referred to in verse one, combined with the touch of God's grace as explained in verse two. Family life is never straightforward or easy; it is a work always in progress, in the name of love.

The third verse speaks of Divine things. Love is our origin, our constant calling and our fulfilment, in God's dwelling place. Love is the mystery of Father, Son and Spirit, the communion of blessed Trinity. Just imagine: We are part of this great mystery of the Blessed Trinity; we are rooted and founded in love, Divine love. Because of our origin, we are part of a world far greater than anything this earthly world can offer us. We belong to the world of pure love, God's dwelling place where we find peace and salvation. These words and this verse for me is a verse of hope, in a world were hope can sometimes seem to have almost disappeared. This verse says 'No', God is our hope, hold on to Him, hope and believe.

Finally verse 4 speaks to us about what God asks of us. He desires that we act with justice, that we love with tenderness, and that we walk humbly with God. He desires that we live our lives in the service of others. This is the joy of the Gospel and the joyful love of Christ. I'm singing and at the same time thinking: "Justice, tenderness and humility - bah, hum bug! This is a hard act to perform in a world where there is so little justice and tenderness, and no one seems to know the real meaning of humility. Oh Lord, it's hard to be humble when pride keeps getting in the way.

The Conclusion,

Love bears all things, endures all things

Love longs for all things good, love never ends.



God grant me the grace, to live a life of holy love filled with tenderness, compassion and justice. Let it be one lived in service of others; and may I bear all things, endure all things, long for all things good; and may my love never end. Amen.


God bless

The Holy Family of Jesus, Mary And Joseph

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We have added a new page with links to other web pages that may be of interest or help to you.

So far we have added a few useful links to help one pray. If you like to pray novena's the site Praymorenovenas is starting a novena tomorrow Wednesday 30th August for Marriage & families. Why not join us and pray for your family.  If you want to develop your own personal prayer the Divine Office site takes you through the prayers of the day. Here you pray using scripture and psalms.

If you would like your child to pray through Eucharistic Adoration, then read more at Children of the Eucharist.

Do check out this page by clicking on the useful links tab at the side of the homepage.


Children of the Eucharist

On Sunday 30th April 2017, I travelled with a bus from Drogheda to Knock. It was for the annual meeting of people who spend time with Jesus each week in Eucharistic Adoration. While we were there we heard several talks.  One was from a lady called Antoinette Moynihan who lives in Kentstown. Antoinette has set up a group called Children of the Eucharist.  She goes to schools and speaks to children. She introduces them to Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament so that they will prepare properly to receive the Sacraments. Eucharistic Adoration for children has spread to Scotland, England, America and Australia. Last year had rapid growth. She gave us some examples of what children have said about Eucharistic Adoration.

"Every heart is a Sacred Heart."

"I miss adoration." (From a 5th class student who was missing for a few months).

"Jesus showed me the door to Heaven."

"Jesus told me not to lie anymore and that he would help me."

"Love everyone, even children who do bad things."

If you wish to find out more or want your child to be part of children of the Eucharist go to www.childrenoftheeucharist